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Florida Atlantic University College of Business

The FAU EMTP in a nutshell:
  •  Flexibility — You get the degree with minimal interruption in your life.
  •  ServiceOur personal advisors are assigned to you, to handle all your relations with the university,for books, fees, tuition, registration, and so on.
  •  Quality and ReputationAACSB Business School Accreditation. Only about 10% of business schools have this premier national accreditation. We’ve ranked top in the top 10 in the U.S. for our CPA exam pass rate. Our faculty are internationally known. Insist on both national and regional accreditation. We have both. FAU is one of the top universities in the U.S.
  •  Networking— Since this is an executive program, you join a network of select professionals, where you make life-long friendships. You study with other students. You meet the right people, and their valuable experiences are integrated into your learning.
  •  ROI–In compensation surveys of public accounting firms, tax professionals ranked among the top.
“I find the Executive Masters of Taxation program at FAU to be right on target. The courses are challenging, the Professors are top-notch, and the program staff has been most helpful. This program is the real deal!”

“I recommend this program to anyone looking for an internet-based curriculum with a personal touch.”
“As a matter of fact, I really am enjoying myself. EMTP has exceeded my expectations in every way.”

T.T. –EMTP Student


Offered under the FAU AACSB-Accredited College of  Business, School of Accounting, the Executive Master of Taxation is a 2-year degree program tailored to busy professionals who want to study the advanced aspects of taxation under a blue-ribbon faculty and curricula. The program is offered in such a way that busy professionals can complete the entire program through web-based distance learning without ever once visiting the campus. On the other hand, virtually all courses are offered with optional on-campus lectures, so students desiring the traditional campus experience can attend the lectures as often or as little as desired.

The on-campus lecture classes last 1 to 1 1/2 hours each, rather than the usual 3 hours, making it possible to easily attend 2 classes on Saturday mornings. Those who don’t wish to attend any given class may receive a video distributed via the web. Videos not distributed directly over the web may be distributed on CD Rom and/or DVD format, so that they can be viewable on almost any computer. Our goal is to make the videos available anywhere in the world, and even to the traveling professional who may be away from the home office for weeks at a time. Watch/listen to the lectures.

If you choose to attend some or all of the time as a distance learning student you can be assured of receiving fresh, interesting and up-to-date online lectures from top experts in the field. Lectures can be downloaded to a notebook computer or mobile device and listened to while driving in the car. The audio portions can even be converted to standard MP3 or audio CD and listened to while jogging. Regardless of how you attend, you receive all the benefits of a top-notch education from an AACSB/SACS accredited institution without interrupting your life or suffering the hassles of a conventional program.

 In all courses the on-campus lectures are to be supplemented with professor-guided case discussion groups offered via the web. All examinations and assignments are hosted on the web, making it possible for the busy executive to complete the entire program without once visiting the campus.

A key goal of the program is to build life-long relationships among the students and faculty. Those that begin the program together will stay together throughout the entire program and become part of a small highly-personalized environment.

All lecture sessions are held in the new Higher Education Complex, located in downtown Fort Lauderdale, on the internationally-known Los Olas Boulevard, the Rodeo Drive of the East Coast.

Those attending the on-campus lectures will find the professors warm, knowledgeable, and helpful, always there to go the extra mile. No expenses are spared in providing state of the art “wired” classrooms, and the overall program schedule includes regular participation from top experts in Taxation from all around the world.

Those attending strictly via the net will find the same warmth and guidance found in the on-campus lectures. The faculty are all specially skilled in ways to build warm personal relationships over the net. Many students who have taken our distance learning courses have hailed them as great learning experiences and the best courses they have taken throughout their entire academic career.

Of course there are those students who prefer to pick and choose which on-campus classes they attend. Need to be out of town for 3 weeks? No problem. Need to attend a wedding one Saturday morning. Again, no problem. Come to campus as often or as little as you desire. Either way you will receive the same warm and friendly instruction by some of the world’s top instructors.